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GREEN PAPPER (Capsicum annum) is a highly nutritious vegetable consumed by many people in Malaysia. Most green pepper or locally known as 'Cili Bengala' are grown in Cameroon Highland and Kundasang (Highland vegetable growing area). This bell shaped vegetable with a green, glossy exterior and sometimes turn to yellow or reds (different maturity stage) adds a dash of color to any dish. The ex-farm price from my survey at Cameroon Highland recently ranged between RM 2.50 - RM 6.00 per kilogram depends on the fruit quality, climate and marketing demand. It is also referred to as a bell pepper throughout the world. It has a tangy taste that enhances food flavor. The inside has a small, white foam-like core with tiny seeds attached to it. This pepper isn’t “hot” due compare to the Cili Besar or Cili Padi due to the absence of capsaicin which gives pepper the characteristic “hot” taste. Orange, yellow and red variants also exist depend on the variety and harvesting period. The pepper is packed with nutrients. It is a good source of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. This article I would like to share my knowledge in "Anim Agro Technology" about the nutritional fact of green chili or also callaed 'Cili Benggala' or 'sweet Chili'.  

From my observation, One cup of chopped green pepper weighed about 150 grams approximately has 30 calories. The vegetable can be eaten raw or cooked briefly. It makes a wonderful addition to most salads. It can also boost your health in various ways.It provides the following nutrients (Based on IMR Reports, KL). They explained the detail nutritional facs of green pepper as follows:-

Protein – 3 grams
Dietary fiber – 10 grams
Vitamin A – 11 percent of recommended daily value
Vitamin B1 – 7 percent of recommended daily value
Vitamin B6 – 20 percent of recommended daily value
Vitamin B9 – 5 percent of recommended daily value
Vitamin C – 200 percent of recommended daily value
Vitamin K – 14 percent of recommended daily value
Iron – 0.5 micrograms
Magnesium – 14.9 micrograms
Phosphorous – 30 micrograms
Potassium – 260 micrograms
Calcium – 14.9 micrograms
One of the nutritional facts in Green Pepper is the Antioxidant Properties. It includes the various vitamins and phytochemicals found in green peppers have antioxidant properties. The peppers contain vitamin A in the form of carotenoids as well as vitamins B6, B9 and C, all of which are powerful antioxidants. These vitamins play a vital role in neutralizing free radicals in the body which have the capacity to cause serious damage to cells during their roaming activities. Free radicals also contribute to the build-up of cholesterol in blood vessels which increases the likelihood of stroke and heart disease. Besides their antioxidant properties, phytonutrients in green peppers play an anti-inflammatory role. This gives relief from pain and inflammatory conditions. It makes bell peppers a useful dietary item if you have rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. Phytonutrients also help to relax the airways and reduce wheezing in asthma cases.

The scientific study has claim that the green pepper has an medication value for Cardiovascular Health. Since green peppers are a rich source of vitamin C. They contain double the vitamin C content of oranges. Green peppers are also rich in flavonoids and also the chemical of phytochemicals. These reduce the formation of blood clots, thereby lowering the risk of stroke and heart attack. The pepper is also a good source of vitamins B6 and B9 which reduce levels of homocysteine, a toxic by-product of biochemical processes in the body. High levels of homocysteine can damage blood vessels which increases the risk of stroke and heart attack. Vitamins B6 and B9 convert homocysteine into beneficial molecules which provides more safety for blood vessels. 
Other claims that the green peper also used in improving the Colon Health. If you want to promote the health of your colon, fiber is a vital element in the diet. Luckily, green peppers are loaded with fiber. Fiber reduces the degree of exposure of colon cells tobacteria and toxins. This is because it speeds up the transit time of waste matter through the gut. Research has shown that vitamins A, C and B9 significantly reduce the risk of colon cancer. Green peppers are an excellent source of these vitamins. Fresh green pepper are easily purchased at wet market or hypermarket all year round in Malaysia. There are sold in Weekly market (Pasar Minggu) and Pasar Tani with reasonable price. 
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