Sunday, March 11, 2012


Perak Herb's Park are located 18 km from Ipoh nearby Gopeng  Town with 50 hectare of fertile land and lakes. Recently I manage to organised a group tour to this park together with 50 family members. Mrs Azizah brief us about the magnificent of local herbs in found in this park all together more than 500 species. This park belong to Perak State Government with Department of Agriculture as a caretaker.

Mrs Azizah shows us the use of few herb's plant and their magnificent meditation use for health. She explain such as the use of Rumput Kapalterbang, Semalu, Rumput Lalang, Pecah Beling, Daun Sekentut and many others. The speech took one hours with a very powerful speaker and some samples.

The first sight on yellowish unique handy fruit attracted many visitors. Do you know what is this herbs and the usage for our health?.... This is a type of Solanaceae family (brinjal) that I cannot remember than you know this crop?

When we reached on aromatic area I was attracted to Bunga Kenanga (Aromatic kenanga) with white petals and smell very strong. This flower normally planted at traditional village in my area at Muar.

This is our National Flower called 'Bunga Raya' with 5 petals and strong red color. There are about 150 Hibiscus spp tree varieties found in our country including the wild bunga raya. The most common are red color, yellow and white color. The leaves normally crushed and cure flu or reduce body heat.

Approaching to shaded area I was attracted this unique flower or fruits. They said this herbs are goo for internal organ cure and must be consumed accordingly. However I believe that more study for local herbs are on going process.
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M Anem
Taman Herba Perak,
Gopeng, Perak,
(17 Rabiulakhir 1433H)

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