Sunday, February 26, 2012


CIKU (Manikara achras) or Manikara sapota are popular tropical fruits in Malaysia under Sapotacece family for fresh consumption. Some people called this fruit as Sapodilla and the ahape just like 'KIWI FRUIT' the icon of New Zealand and Australia. From my study about 1,115 hectare of ciku was grown in 2011 in Malaysia producing 6,050 metric ton with total value of RM 18.5 million. The largest state planting ciku are Pahang (216 hectare) followed by Johore (176 hectare), Kelantan (163 hectare) and Terengganu (126 hectare). My field experience of ciku agronomic practices obtained in Melaka State from APulau Gadong Agriculture Station and the ciku commercial farm at Masjid Tanah Melaka. Most ciku in Malaysia consumed as fresh fruit and only less thsn 25% exported to Singapore and Brunei. Ciku are perishable fruits and very sweets.

Ciku are parrenial tree up to 10 meter height with many branching system and dark green leaves. The hardwood trunk are dark brown color with producing white latex when it was scratched. The initial growth rate of this tree are considered very slow compare to many other tropical fruits. From my study about ciku variety there are 17 registered clone with DOA Malaysia since 30 years ago.  Three clone recomended for commercial planting are CIKU JANTUNG (CH63), CIKU SUBANG (CH63)and CIKU MEGA (CH19). Ciku Jantung originated from Kg Ramuan Cina Kecil, Masjid Tanah with oval shape 

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