Monday, March 26, 2012


FRIED MUSHROOM  are one of my favorite food found in Muar , Johor where I visited. There are about 15 farmers growing Oyster mushroom (Paleoratus cajor-saju) in this area with a support from an anchor mushroom company namely C&C Mushroom Sdn Bhd own by Mr Chew and friends. The farm able to produce more than 25 metric tones of fresh oyster mushroom monthly. The organic certification system applied by this company and its 'contract farmers' are as an assurance to use Organic Produce SOM Quality. SOM or Skim Organik Malaysia are a program by Department of Agriculture for those applying this certification scheme. 

Fresh oyster mushroom washed and clean before preparing for frying. This to ensure the raw material are clean from dirt and other unwanted pathogens.

One pack of oyster mushroom with 300 gram are priced at RM 3.50 at Bukit Gambir Town about 7 km from my village. At the label written clearly '100% organic produce' and '100% free pesticide free'. SOM LOGO also stated clearly at the left bottom of the label.

The fried mushroom coated with special spicy flour ready for serving. The frying took about 3-5 minutes with medium size mushroom. It was very tasty and crispy.

It was best to consume upon frying. For me the best is to eat with tomato chili sauce or  as original taste. Most of us like the the free serving....

This vacuum fry oyster mushroom are the most popular product from C&C Mushroom Sdn Bhd. The brand name are 'Fruli Fresh' and markets in domestic and global. 

My visits to one of the oyster mushroom at Kundang Ulu, Ledang , Johor to check the organic farming Standard of Procedure (SOP) for this farm. It was an organic produce certified by SOM certification program. This system is to ensure the mushroom are high quality, save to eat and ready for market distribution.

M Anem
Kg Pt Bengkok, Gersik,
Ledang, Johor, 
(3 JamadilAwal 1433H)

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  1. Do you have the address for the mushroom farm? Would Love to visit.