Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Guava (Psidium guava) are among popular tropical fruit panted in Malaysia in 2011. About 1,375 hectar of guava planted with total production of 18,453 metric ton of fresh guava for domestic and export market. Among popular varieties guava grown in Malaysia are Clone Gu8, Clone Gu 9 and Clone GU 10 and the recently Clone Jambu Batu Lohan. From my farm visits to various location the issue related to guava growing are the attack of nematode, attack of fruit fly, costs of wrapping activity and uncertain market price. Below are some information about guava industry in Malaysia :-

Guava Farm at TKPM about 13 months old - ready to produce flower. The planting material are free from nematodes and required to examine from this problems.

A farm workers harvest the guava fruit using the scaduled calendar matrix production. The best price during school days and the worst price during Festival Season or School Holidays. Price about RM 0.80 - RM 1.20 per kilogram ex-farm price.

At collection center we grade the guava fruit by the size, appearance, weight and other characteristic. 

 A prefered guava size ready for fresh market. The average recomended guava weight about 300 - 450 gram each. 

M Anem
Segamat, Johor,

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  1. I'm unable to locate your - mail ID. Can you send me a mail? I'm looking for farm suppliers for 3-5tons of GUAVA and JACKFRUITS(J33) weekly. URGENT.