Tuesday, January 17, 2012


JAMBU AIR  (Syngium aqueum) under Myrtaceae family are one of the most popular local fruits in Malaysia. About 260 hectare of Jambu Air was grown in Malaysia in 2011 with Johor and Perak are the concentrated planted area. A few varieties of Jambu Air (Less than 5 varieties) was indicated by few farmers in both States as commercial varieties. Below are some photo's of Jambu Air Johor that I visited to explore the morphological and their potential for other farmers to grow.

Matured jambu Air Johor at Bt 27, lenga Muar, Johor - New crop for investments.

Wrapping with transparent plastic from the attack of Fruit Fly (Bactocera spp).

Each fruit priced at RM 5.00 0 RM 6.00 per kilogram with proper grading and best quality.

How tasty medium sweet jambu air at 8-10 degree Brixmeter reading.

Ready for packaging activity before sent to PLUS Highway Fruit Stalls.

M Anem
Lenga, Muar,

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  1. Dear sir,
    May I please ask how long does it take for the jambu air to fruit from a seedling. My second question is how to graft jackfruit. I have had a problem because too much latex and the scion won't take. By the way, I try to find a top pick and I don't know how because I have done so far is using " newer post" or " older post " button.

    Many thanks