Sunday, February 22, 2015


ERWINIA PAPAYAE IS THE CAUSAL ORGANISM FOR PAPAYA DIEBACK SYMPTOMS Bacterial Crown Rot disease (Erwinia papayae) is known to be present in Dominica, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Indonesia and Malaysia. The first report of this disease in S.E. Asia was in Java in (von Rant, 1931). E. papayae was also reported as causing bacterial canker of papaya in the Caribbean by Gardan et al. (2004). Maktar (2008) confirmed that E. papayae is responsible for the papaya dieback symptoms occurred in Malaysia. Early symptoms included yellowing and necrosis along leaf edges followed by watersoaked areas on the bases of leaf stalks, crowns  and along leaf mid-ribs. Fruit symptoms included dark spots on the skin and water-soaked flesh . Later, necrotic and water-soaked areas developed on stems and spread to the internal tissues, followed by secondary fungal infections. In advanced stages bending of watersoaked leaf stalk occurs, leading to dieback, and death of trees . Early detection of the disease symptoms and destroying the affected plants seems to be the best control strategies at the moment.  Thanks.

M Anem,
Senior Agronomist,
DOA, Kuala Lumpur,

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