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MANGO (Mangifera indica) among popular tropical fruits grown in Malaysia for many years. Most of the mango tree are selected varieties from various sources including those provided by Department of Agriculture from the various fruit development projects. The mango tree are grows as commercial scale farm, individual tree at the home garden or as an avenue landscape. From my observation during the farm visits throughout the nation, only about 5 or more mango varieties are planted as popular mango. They are MA224 (Chokanan), MA 128 (Harumanis) and Sala varieties. The statistic reports from DOA recorded about 5,450 hectare of mango tree grown in Malaysia in 2012 producing about 2,420 metric ton of mango mostly for fresh domestic markets. Melaka, Perlis, Perak, Selangor, Sarawak and Kedah are those state with large area of mango growing area. For Harumanis variety mostly grown in Perlis as state icon product and other states preferred to grow Chokanan variety. Tis article I would like to post an interesting article about registered mango variety in Malaysia.

Table 1 showing 25 varieties from 114 mango varieties registered in National Listing of varieties in Malaysia since 1937 at the Registrar Department of agriculture Malaysia. Those in red color are varieties without information but registered during before world war II may be lost during that period. Some of the popular varieties are planted in DOA Agriculture station as repositories or Germplasm collection. For those who interested this mango varieties in Malaysia, please read the following article at Part 2 (Click here).
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M Anem
Senior Agronomist

Kg Tehel, Melaka,
(11 Ramadan 1434H)   

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  1. nice article, can I know what is "tm" stands for in the origin column?