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MANGO (Mangifera spp) become the major fruit crop of the tropics and subtropics particularly in Asia and other suitable regions. As I know about mango long time ago, Mango is considered as 'King of The Fruits' (Purseglove , 1972) as other popular fruits that is durian (Durio zibethinus Murr)considered ' King of Tropical Fruits'. Mango classification according to International Classificaton system fall under Genus of Mangifera, Subgenus Mangifera; Limus and Uncertain Sprcies and many species. The most popular domesticated species was Mangifera indica Linn. many reference mention about mango cultivation originated in India that begin about 4,000 years ago. The mango as I know is a very important cultural and religious symbol of India.  From my reading says that, Malaysia and Jawa in Indonesia most widely use the words for manggo that is 'MANGGA'. The mangifera species have their centre of diversity nd origin in South-east Asia. Few variety related to this region such as 'Carabao species', 'Manila Species', 'Mulgoa Species' and many others. This article I would like to share my knowledge about introduction of mango for all aof my blog reader.

The mango tree is believed to have evolved as a canopy layer or emergence species of the tropical rainforest of South and South-east Asia including my country , Malaysia. Mature tree can attain a heoght of 40 meter or more, and can survive for few hundred years as in my kampong at Muar, Johor for local mango (Mempelam) tree. Mango tree that have been domesticated by selection from openly pollinated seedling population shows variation in tree architecture (from my observation for the "Shape' and 'Size') of the tree. The tree is an abresent evergreen. Leaves simple and alternate, with petiols that range in length from 1.0 - 12.5 cm. Leaf mophology is highly variable depending on the cultivar. Leaf can be lanceolate, oblong, ovate and intermediate types involving this forms. Leaf length ranges from 12 - 38 cm long and I estimate the width between 2-13 cm. Young leaves are copper coloured and it changging later to dark green. 

M Anem
Kg Tehel, Air Panas,
Jasin, Melaka,
(6 Safar 1434H)    

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