Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ledang MP Visits

MP Ledang YB Hj Hamim Samuri arrived at the Tangkak Agriculture Office for one Day Technical Visits with me as District Agriculture Officer. A simple briefing was given by KPPK Shida about the whole agriculture development in the constituency. This area is purely active in agriculture sector with largest durian producers in Johor, Largest lowland Leafy vegetable farm in Malaysia located at Sengkang in one place, Poultry production and 5 paddy schemes in the coastal area.

The first stop an Mr Nasir Catfish Breeding farm located 10 km from our office. The farm was an intergrated project with banana crop, Local Goats, Catfish rearing and catfish fries production. He able to produce about 5,000 - 10,000 catfish fries in a month depending on the markets demand. All 3 of the group members started this project 5 years ago with the assistance from District Fisheries Department. The catfish fries priced at RM 0.20, RM 0.30 and RM 0.50 based on the fries size and marketed in Melaka, Muar, Segamat and Batu Pahat.

Our second technical visit is Salted Duck Project about 600 meter from the first project. The farmers started this project 7 years ago with total population of 200 - 300 ducks in a cycle. The production capacity of salted eggs range between 100 - 300 eggs per months. The technology of making salted eggs based on the technical training given by DVS office. The ex-farm price of the salted eggs between RM 0.30 - RM 0.40 per eggs.

We move to the commercial vegetable farmer by the name of Mr Murad at Kg Paya Mas, Tangkak. He is an active farmers which able to manage 14 hectare of vegetable farms with about 22 workers with 8 different location. This plot he grows cucumber about 3 hectare of mineral soils he rented for RM 400.00 per hectare. He produced 2.5 mt of cucumber from this plot daily with a reasonable ex-farm price this week range between RM 0.40 - RM 0.60 per kilogram. I advice him to get more extra workers for harvesting the second plot nearby. MP Hamim support his application for exra manpowers. Mr Murad also planting Bitter Gourd (Peria Katak), Long Beans, Angle Loofa and Chili. My estimates shows that the net income between RM 6,000 - RM 12,000 monthly.

Kg Bekoh Baru, Tangkak is a traditional village with rubber, vegetables, oil palm and tropical fruit as the main commodities. DOA introduced the orchard replanting program with the introduction of new cultivar 'Tekam Yellow Jackfruit' to 6 farmers in the village. The 2 months old tree (Photo above) shows a vigorous growth which was inter cropped with casava, sweet potato and some vegetables. This cultivar claims to be a suitable crop in this area for fresh market.

The Kambing Boer Project at Kampong baru, Ulu Bekok was initiated about 5 years ago. MP Hamim said he was surprised with the expansion of Boers Goat performance and profitability. Breeder Goat sold at premium price to new operators interested in goat rearing. The farm follows Good Husbandry Practices and very clean. The farmers manage to produce compose from the goat activity.

Food processing are one sector actively participated by women folks in Ledang Constituency. Our DOA reports about 64 food processing project able to produce more than RM 6.4 million annually involved 72 participants. The project at Kg Melayu Sagil produce Kerepek Ubi, Kerepek Keladi and Kueh Cakar Ayam. The production activity increase tremendously during Muslim Festival Hari Raya Puasa.

The Calamansi (Limau Kasturi) project located at Kg Solok about 8 km from the previous location. About 3 hectare of peat soil was planted with Calamansi aged 2-3 years owned by Mr Amir and Mr Abu. He use to plat about 7,200 tree together with banana and Lime Citrus. Ex-farm price about RM 0.80 - RM 1.20 per kilogram depending on the season and market demand. He harvest every 3-4 days with about 200 - 400 kg per harvest. The use of compost, organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer able to increase productivity. There is no irrigation system in this farm.

Tangkak is the most popular area in Malaysia producing high quality durian (Durio zibethinus ). Muar District has the largest durian area in Malaysia with 7,048 hectare (7% of national size) with total production of 20,235 metric ton in 2010. Few popular clones from this area are D24, D99, D197, D88 and Munthong. The Tangkak Agriculture Station provide durian technology to the surrounding farmers with Good Agriculture Practices. FAMA Tangkak provide excellence service in 'Quick Freeze Fresh Durian' for international market and export. This center also provide local 'Durian kampong' for flesh processing facility. Tons of frozen durian exported to Hong Kong, China and few other country during peak season. This area supported 6,024 hectare of durian farm at Jementah , Segamat (Border to this constituency).

YB Hamim was given a chance to ope fresh durian using special 'Durian Opener' tools introduced by DOA Muar. I shows to him how confortable using this equipments to open throned durian. He able to open 12 fruits in 10 minuted in which normally took about 20 - 35 minutes by manual system depending on durian clones. He said it was the first time using such friendly tools to open fresh durian.

There are about 120 pieces of durian fruit provide for 25 of us in the visiting team from 16 selected clones in Tangkak Agriculture Station. Thanks to previous ex-officer who planted and provide my generation harvest and consume the best durian. At the end of the day YB Hamim really thanks to me and the staff of one Day Technical Visit in his constituency. He said the agriculture development in his area are significantly progressive with my leadership. He would like to see in other portion (West and South Region) in the next visits. Few months later he sent me a congratulation letter of me being promoted to Putrajaya.

Thanks to YB and all of my staff. Sayonara . . .


M Anem


Ledang, Johor

(A memory for MP Ledang)

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