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The new Giant Guava or also called Lohan Guava that make havoc in fruit industry.

Guava (Psidium guava) was grown in Malaysia are Seedless Guava and With Seed Guava. The seedless guava was known as GU 15 and the seeded guava was known as Clone GU 8 (Known Jambu Kampuchea), Clone GU 9 and Clone GU 10. The most recent clone and make havoc was a new variety called as " King Guava" or "Giant Guava" or "Lohan Guava". The writer visits few Giant Guava Farm at Melaka recently to observe and discuss about the guava during farm inspection for National Competition on Farm Produce.

I met Mr Bong (Next photo) and Mr Chan Teng Sai was among farmers and pioneered the giant guava planting in Melaka. Mr Bong planted about 8 acre (2,800 tree) aged 9 months and Mr Chan planted 5 acre (500 tree) aged 2 years old. The seedling was bought from Batu Pahat Farmers (The origin of this Giant Guava) at RM 8.00 – RM 9.00 per seedling. The source of planting material was a marcotted from the original mother tree. The Giant Guava was look like Clone GU 8 during young stage (Oblong and elongated shape) but turn roundish shape when it ripes and look like apple.

The farms was an ex-idle land area before for paddy. The use a "Flooding Irrigation System" in which they raised the bad in the farm for 1-2 feet height and 2 meter (6-7 foot) width. The planting distance between 10-12 feet in the rows on the bed. The sprinkler was used at initial stage of planting with low impact sprinkler head.

From my observation on the branching system seems that the Clone Giant Guava had lateral Branching System compared to other Clones like GU 8 which the branching system partially erected and lateral. The flowering system better due to its capability of producing flower without pruning as in other clones. Two flowers appear in 1-2 feet distance on the vigorous branching system . Both farmers only pruned for initial stage for Formation Pruning . The growth rate of this new variety claimed to be slower than GU 8 Clone so that the pruning activity less comparatively. The tree maintain at 5-6 feet height at balance canopy. The 2 years old tree able to produce 40-50 fruit per tree after selected only 2-4 fruit per branch.

Mrs Chan explain about fruit quality and farm practices.

Manuring activity was done according to the advise of the founder in Batu Pahat by applying Imported Yara Miles Fertilizer (Expensive ) and claimed it was the best to ensure they will get Giant Size Guava. Organic fertilizer applied every 2 months at 2-4 kg per tree due to the lack of organic matter in clayey ex paddy farm soil. Foliar fertilizer applied regularly to ensure the guava tree vigorous and more flower formation and produce quality fruits. Liming was practiced every 4-6 months. Weeding by manual and chemical in early stage of planting but after two years the do not apply any weedicide.

The most common problem in guava farm is Fruit Fly attack (Bactocera spp) and both farmers using Methyl Eugenol control attractant in early stage about 5-6 unit with farm per hectare located at the farm border. Mr Chan does not apply the pheromone trap nowadays due to his claim it attract more fruit fly to his farms. They both used a group of dog to deal with human trespassing and get rid of monkeys or wild boar (if any).

Young fruit with an egg size wrapped with 2 layer of plastic and old newspaper. The wrapping activity take 30-40% of humans labor activity in the farm. The newspaper was in the inside and plastic in outside layer. Spraying with fungicide before wrapping to ensure high quality fruits. The wrapping normally done after noon and harvesting during morning. The wrappers indicated by colors to indicate when to collect or harvest the fruits in the farms.

Harvesting was done after 4 months of wrapping. The fruit collected with sharp knife and later cleaned and grading activity was done in the collection center. The fruits was graded by the size, uniformity, colour and appearance. Mr Bong has a direct market to Hypermarket (Giant/ Jusco, Tesco) in Melaka and wrapped his fruit with netted polystyrene and retailed at RM 6.99 per fruit. about 70% of fresh fruit was sent to fruit wholesaler at Krubong and 30% as retail, The ex-farm price was by Guava Giant Grade that is Grade AA (RM 4.00/kg) , Grade A (RM 3.00/kg ) and Grade B (RM 1.00/kg) and if there is Grade C was not for sale. The farmers claim that Grade A was 40% and Grade B (50%) and Grade C (10%).

Simple Financial analysis on Giant Guava growing project was surprising. Mr Bong able to produce about 3,000 kg monthly (9 months old tree) and selling price average about RM 4.00 /kg to gain a Gross Farm income about RM 12,000.00 a month. Mr Chan able to produce an average of 15,000-20,000 kilogram monthly and average wholesale price of RM 4.50 per kg (Matured tree - 2 years old with better yield) earning about between RM 67,000 - RM 90,000 a month! What a good gross farm income. More and more farmers now are searching for Giant Guava seedling. I was informed the the booking period for the original seedling is between 6-8 months from the creator of this clone in Batu Pahat.


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  1. Hi Mr Anim, I have a piece of land and I'm planing to plant Giant Guava. Can you please help me with the contact for the original seedling? Mr Bong / Mr Chan's contact will also be great if you don't have the 1 from batu pahat.

    I do appreciate your help
    KF Chin

  2. Hi Mr Anim,
    i m looking for this Giant Gauva seedling, can i have the contact and address of the seedling supplier?
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  3. I from kuching will like to visit the
    Melaka farm during december school holiday. Can u help n let me the way or
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