Monday, June 7, 2010


Weed that competes with our crops in the farms.

WEED is a type of plants that grows within our garden or surrounding areas and unwanted by us. In other words weed is a plants that's competes with our wanted plants for sunlight, nutrient, water, growing space and many other factors. Some weed are pathogen to our plants and able to infect our crop and horticultural crop. I was initially believe that weed are the Grass. But actually grass it is not a weed especially when I study in University. Weed is any plants grow surrounding us in an open space, backyards, lawn, farms, drain side table, roadsides and all over places.

Weed may be a main problem for most farmers today instead of pest and diseases. Weed able to reduce farms yield if not properly managed. In Malaysia the weed problem is critical especially on land preparation due to it's ability to grow faster that our crops. In any newly ploughed area the available seed of various weed are germinate within few days when there os water by rain or other sources. Unwanted grass weed, lalang (Imperica cylindrica) and other weed grow very fast. The weed seed does not has any dormancy period for germination.

In estate sector during replanting program the use of cover crop is necessary. Kacang Penutup Bumi (Centrosema pubecens) is a type of cover crop in oil palm and rubber replanting area for weed control. This cover crop produce better results in reducing the erosion, soil enrichment and easy to manage. The new technology in oil palm replanting nowadays is better with 'Zero Burning' by chopping oil palm trunk and arranged between newly oil palm seedling. It considered a type of cover crop and became the humus later on.

Commercial fruit and vegetable grower control weeds by chemical and manual system. The chemical control using weedicide. There was a system weedecide and contact weedicide. The contact weedicide are fast action result to kill the weed such as paraquat and many others. Weed like lalang with rhizom and shrubs with trunk root has to use systemic weedicide to get thw bwst result.

WEED ...

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