Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Writer visit 3.5 years old MATAG Coconut variety at Batu Pahat.

MATAG is a popular Coconut (Cocos nucifera) clones in Malaysia. MATAG is a new variety as a result of hybrid between Malaysian Variety namely Malayan Red Dwarf (MRD) of Malayan Yellow Dwarf (MYD - see photo no 3 bottom) with Tagnanan Variety (claim of Philipines origin variety). Tagnanan pollen used as a male source and MRD/MYD for female receiver. I had experience the preparation of MATAG clone in two production station namely United Plantation Estate at Perak and Jorak Agriculture Station in Muar, Johor. This two station is claimed to be the only station in Malaysia producing GENUINE MATAG variety till today.

Jorak Agriculture station managed by Department of Agriculture Malaysia capable of producing about 50,000 MATAG seedling in a year. The station with 40 hectare of coconut MRD and MYD mother plant has the capacity of producing up to 80,000 seedlings annually but lack of manpower and facilities available. There is a new MRD/ MYD planting for mother plant in 2008/ 2009 during my tenure as AO District. With new coconut for breeding program easily the seedling production capacity will increase accordingly.

Male pollen from Tagnanan Coconut collected and sprayed to the female flower (Stigma) when it's open early morning. The pollinator's has to clime the MRD/MYD coconut tree (about 5-7 feet) and check each tree either it already 'open' for pollination (see photo next). The pollinated female flower then wrapped with 'see through' plastic cover to prohibit other unwanted pollen from other coconut tree and no bees/ ants/ pollinator to disturb. This activity carried out for few days until all female flower are pollinated and finished. This was a very tedious and tiring job.

Few constraint to success in pollination activity is the timing (Must correct), Heavy Rainfall (Continuous rain fall monsoon season worsen), Wrapping strength (Sometimes not OK) and mother plant vigorously. The coconut fruit will be formed in 4-7 months before matured. The matured coconut collected and arranged in nursery. From my observation in Jorak Station only about 40-45% of the seedling became a Genuine F1 MATAG Hybrid Variety after culling process. The rest of the seedling identified as MRD/ MYD or Tagnanan or unknown seedling variety by its appearance.

There was a huge demand in MATAG variety today from private sectors, individual even public players. From my experience during Agriculture Expo at National and State level officer, there is a lot of public enquiry ask about How and Where to get or Buy MATAG Seedlings. Some of them doest not ask about the expensive price (Claimed by them). Actually in open market there was very difficult for public to know the genuine (F1) MATAG seedling except by checking the origin and seedling source. The MATAG matured nut are not genuine MATAG variety and not recommended to use as a planting material.

MATAG seedling priced about RM 12.00 to RM 16.00 in open market. The price was higher compared to those purchased by DOA ranging from RM 8.00 to RM 12.00 per seedling because the big quantity. Farmers receiving MATAG seedling from DOA under Coconut Rehabilitation Program or New Coconut Planting Program should appreciate the government assistance. This program was implemented mostly in Johor (Batu Pahat/ Muar District), Sabak Bernam in Selangor, Bagan Datok in Perak. I have chance to see successful MATAG project in Batu Pahat 4 years old tree. The crop was producing a lot of fruit compare to traditional Malayan Tall variety (see photo). It was Encik Azman (46 years old) at Sg Kluang Darat, Batu Pahat saying he is very happy with this MATAG variety. Thanks to DOA ! He said.


M Anem
Ex AO Mersing, AO Segamat, AO Muar


  1. Dear Sir,
    Could you tell me where can I obtain Matag saplings in Pontian?

    Thank you.

  2. Encik Anem, I would like to visit Jorak Agriculture Station. Can you please provide the name and contact number of the officer in charge? I am interested to plant Matag coconut. Thank you.
    Regards, Aaron Lim
    Tel: 0127882055

  3. Dear Anem
    The details are highly useful and the people like me working in the coconut sector in India feels that these knowledge can be shared with our farmers also.Excellent work.

  4. Dear Sir,

    I came across your great and wonderful displayed knowledge and passion for coconuts and for you been an industrialist in Agriculture as displayed on your blog which prompt me to contact you.

    I have great interest in matag coconuts and also learning more about the agriculture development opportunities in Malaysia on cash crops. I am looking into commercializing my dreams on coconut breeding generally.

    Would you be kind enough to prepare my knowledge ahead my dream? I am willing to learn more about the breeding of matag coconuts and willing to meet up.

    Please get in touch!

    Musbau Gbadebo Agunbiade
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  5. Pls call me or whats app me sir im lntrested to plat the coconut pls contact me im mr madavan 0163852521
    I need 1400 matag seeds