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of Coconut (Cocos nucifera) ant its product are more relevant during the covid19 pandemic. The latest effort by Philippines should not limit itself to vaccines in fighting the pandemic, but also tap the locally-available virgin coconut oil (VCO) as an effective therapy against Covid-19 as an advocate of the substance said. According to VCO Philippines president Marco Reyes suggested this amid the emergence of a mutation of the coronavirus, saying that the benefits of VCO have been proven in clinical studies by the Department of Science and Technology-Food and Nutrition Institute (DOST-FNRI), according to the portal. He who is also vice chair of the United Coconut Associations of the Philippines has said that VCO is an antiviral functional food not only against Covid-19, but also against the "broad spectrum" of viruses that afflicts humans. They already have medical evidence on its safety and efficacy. This article in blog "Anim Agriculture Technology" share an information regarding the 
Philippines urged to explore coconut oil as therapeutic for Covid-19 for all blog reader.

Vaccines are specific to the virus. When the virus mutates, the vaccine becomes ineffective. And new vaccines need to be developed as Reyes said in a statement. The covid19 vaccines are expensive and many country fight to purchase for their citizens. According to Dr Ed Lalusis as he the patented inventor of VCO (Growrich) in capsule form, echoed the sentiment, urging the government task force leading the country's pandemic response to include the promotion of VCO as a preventive therapy. We're asking the government to include VCO as an additional regiment to prevent the spread of the virus. However as this is already supported by DOST studies as said by Lalusis who is a retired general surgeon. Reyes, a licensed chemical engineer, reasoned that tapping the therapeutic benefits of VCO, especially against the new mutation of the virus, could ease concerns on a surge of Covid-19 cases, especially with the long wait for the foreign-manufactured vaccines. The mass vaccination in the Philippines is still 'too near and yet too far.' Government estimate is the third quarter of 2021, and they will prioritise frontliners, senior citizens, the very poor. How about the vast majority of Filipinos?" Reyes asked. Meanwhile, Albay Rep Joey Salceda said the healthcare system should brace for contagious mutations and their possible entry. The virus has mutated in the United Kingdom. That's normal and because viruses always mutate. At some point, it may even mutate domestically in the Philippines. Because we know it will happen, we must prepare for it," he said. Source: NST.

M Anem,
(Febuary 2021).

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