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any question about  to keep your cat away from plants?. In an article this topic was discussed and interesting for the writer to share. The Star reported that what is it with cats and their incessant urge to dig into every plant that they come across? No matter how many times you have told them not to, they keep munching on leaves or even turn pots over entirely in their excitement. However, even though it might sometimes seem like they are doing it just to spite you in which there are possibility that your cat is probably bored. It’s especially young and playful cats who pounce on plants. This statement was released by a pet trainer known asa Michaela Asmuss from Germany recently. A cat living in a flat without much change in its daily routine might mistake your plants for toys, while others simply like to snack. This blog in "Anim Agriculture Technology" share the topic as an interesting issue.

Cats commonly chew on houseplants and wreck their foliage, use them as litter boxes or play with them until their leaves fall off. This makes it tough to successfully grow houseplants and enjoy your feline friends. While many cat owners just give up on growing indoor plants, there's no reason to do so naturally.
.Scolding doesn’t help, however, since the cat actually does not understand what you are talking about. Nor do punishments, which only scare the cat or make it aggressive, depending on its nature. Instead that better for readers should try to tackle the root of the problem. If your cat is bored than taking it outside is one option recommended.  Cats who are able to go outside don’t make such a fuss in the house because they can let off steam and gather new impressions.  If that’s not an option than you should play with it as much as possible. Even so, there is no guarantee your cat will always keep away from the plants, so make sure not to buy toxic specimens like cyclamen, amaryllis, begonia, coral tree, poinsettia and desert rose in which are a no-go for cat owners and according to the Animal Protection League.  Typical symptoms of poisoning include vomiting, tremors, diarrhoea, foaming at the mouth and apathy, in which case you should take your pet to the vet immediately. To keep cats from digging into the soil, you can use large stones or an elastic fabric to cover it up, Schmitz explains. And of course, there is also the option of getting some catproof plants specifically for your pet to play with. If you are lucky, this will keep it away from more delicate greens.

Cats are curious by nature and so it's no wonder that anything moving inside your home becomes potential prey. Putting plants around your place can sometimes feel like a sacrificial ceremony (for the plant). But don't worry if there are ways to teach your cats to leave the inside plants alone! Whether they're eating the leaves, digging up the dirt, or using your planter as a litter box, your cat can be trained or redirected towards something more enticing. Hopefully, you've read our article Top 10 Indoor Plants Safe for Cats in which will help put your mind at ease that the greenery in your home is non-toxic. But, non-toxic plants are just as tempting to your feline. If enough is consumed or they ingest a large frond, it can cause an upset stomach or even a gastrointestinal obstruction. You should contact your veterinarian immediately if you believe your cat is showing any unusual behavior. This could include a change in their regular eating habits or troubles defecating in the litter box. If the leaves or fronds aren't teasing them, some cats enjoy digging or, even worse, defecating in your planter. That's why we've put together some tips to help stop the unwanted behavior or, at the very least, give them an alternative to your plants. Thanks...

M Anem,
(March 2021).

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