Friday, September 22, 2017


In Malaysia when an engineer become a successful chili farmers was reported in the newspaper. As an example Mr Wan Fazli Wan Padila, 30, thought he would never trade his dream job for any other job in the world. He was an engineer with a multinational company in Shah Alam, Selangor and got a big paycheque. But, three years ago, he ventured into chili farming in his back yard in Jengka 23, Maran, Jerantut, and has never looked back. In addition to his chilli farm at the Temin Agriculture Centre in Jerantut, Wan Fazli also operates a chili farm with about 500 trees in Sanggang, Temerloh, Pahang. He also invested in a 3ha sugarcane plantation in Lanchang. The third of six siblings, Wan Fazli obtained his diploma in mechatronics from De Montfort University, Malaysia Campus in 2001. He then worked for eight years in Shah Alam before changing his career. "Throughout my stay in Shah Alam, I adopted the same work routine for years. And, at the end of the month, I would get my salary. "When I could not see my future in the company, I packed my bags and returned to my hometown to venture into farming." With limited knowledge of agriculture, he sought advice from several people about crops before investing RM3,500 (S$1431) of his savings to plant 100 chilli trees. "It was a gamble that paid off. The demand for chillies began to increase and I began to supply them to grocery shops. In 2009, I enrolled for short courses at Institut Skill-Tech, an agricultural college, in Malacca. "When I returned, I started operating in Kampung Gintong before securing a piece of land at the Temin Agriculture Centre, which was a major boost to my farming venture." Last year, he took on a friend as a partner, before expanding his chilli farm to Sanggang.

Later that year, the partners rented 10ha in Lanchang to plant sugarcane and corn. With higher demand for chillies from grocery shops and restaurants, Wan Fazli set up Global Heritage Resources with two other friends. They are enjoying brisk business. "While one of them helps me manage the farm in Sanggang, the other does the marketing. "We hired agents to promote our chilli products, especially chilli seedlings and fertilisers. "We also sell chilli seedlings at the night market here, and offer training to those who are interested in chilli farming." This year, three students from Institut Skill-Tech did their practical training at his chilli farm. As Wan Fazli had no assistants, their arrival was a win-win situation for both. "I provided them with meals, accommodation and gave them tips on chilli farming. Since they are here, I can go to schools and check on the students' chilli fertilisation projects." A bachelor, Wan Fazli said he enjoyed his new lifestyle, which taught him to be more committed and disciplined."I miss spending time with my family and friends, but I believe these are sacrifices I must make to have a better future. "People used to advise me to continue with my engineering degree so that I could earn more money, rather than slog under the hot sun, but I have made up my mind and have no plans to work in an office." This newspaper report showing the success story of chili farming in Malaysia forr others to knows. Thanks.
M Anem,
Senior Agronomist,
TKPM Lanchang,
Pahang, Malaysia.

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