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What is Banana Fruit?. The Banana (Musa paradisiaca) are the tropical fruit grown in Malaysia from species Musaceae. It is native to tropical Southeast Asia and locally known as "PISANG". There about 30,320 hectare og banana grown in 2016 producing 321,810 meric tonnes of fresh banana fruit (Source: Crop Statistic Rerpor,t Depertment of Agiculture, Malaysia 2016). Depending to varieties and ripeness, banana flesh taste vary from starchy to sweet. The young banana skin is greenish with starchy taste and mostly the mature in yellowish color. The flesh color varied from white to yellow in color . While unripe, is firm, gummy with latex and turn to soft, dry when ripe. Yellow bananas taste sweeter due to higher sugar concentrations. Bananas can be eaten raw or cooked. This fruit available all the period in Malaysia. There are more than 16 banana varieties registered in Plant Variety Registration Syatem with Departments of Malaysia (Click here for more information). Below are some varieties that found and registered in Malaysia for further information.

Banana Fruit Varieties has differebt names in different location. For example Pisang Nangka are also calles as Pisang Sematu in Pahang. Malaysia Banana varieties in Malaysia are as Pisang Berangan, Pisang Mas, Pisang Cavendish, Pisang Rastali, Pisang Tanduk, Pisang Raja, Pisang Nipah, Pisang Awak, Pisang Lemak Manis and few others.

1. Pisang Berangan :
Pisang Berangan is the most popular banana grown and consume fresh in Malaysia. The Cluster weight between 12 to 20kg with 8 to 12 comb bananas. Each comb may contained 12 to 20 bananas with 12 to 18cm long banana fruit and skin thickness 2.5 to 3.5mm. Oren yellowish flesh fragrant with sweet taste and dry. Normally eaten raw. I do like to eat pisang berangan due to the quality, reasonable price and tasty.

2. Pisang Mas or Pisang Emas:

Cluster weight between 8 to 12kg with 5 to 9 comb bananas. Each comb consist of 14 to 18 bananas with 8 to 12 cm long banana fruit. Golden yellowish flesh is sweeter. Normally pisang Mas are eaten raw.

3. Pisang Cavendish:

Pisang Cavendish are the most fresh banana at higher proce sold locally. Cluster weight usually above 20kg with 15 to 25 comb bananas. The bananas long 15 to 22cm banana fruit. White flesh, soften and sweet fruit.

4. Pisang Rastali:

Cluster weight between 10 to 15kg with 5 to 9 comb bananas. Each comb consist of 12 to 16 bananas with 10 to 15cm long banana fruit. White flesh, soft with sweet sour flavor. Normally eaten raw.

5. Pisang Tanduk:

Pisang tanduk are similar as "Horn Banana". The cluster weight between 7 to 10kg with 2 comb bananas. Each comb consist of 7 to 10 bananas. Orange flesh and sweet taste. Normally use to fried and eat raw.

6. Pisang Raja:

Pisang Raja means "King Banana". The cluster weight between 10 to 15 kg with 6 to 9 comb bananas. Each comb consist of 12 to 16 bananas with 15cm long banana fruit. Orange flesh . Normally eaten raw or fried banana.

7. Pisang Nipah:

The cluster weight 15 to 28 kg with 12 to 18 comb bananas. Each comb consist of 12 to 20 bananas with 10 to 15 cm long banana fruit. White flesh ,sweet and soft. Only eaten after fried.

8. Pisang Nangka:

Nangka means 'Jackfruit' in Bahasa Malaysia. The cluster weight between 12 to 14 kg with 6 to 8 comb bananas. Each comb consist of 14 to 24 bananas. White flesh and lithe sour flavor. Normally eaten fried banana.

9. Pisang Awak:

Awak measn 'you' in Bahasa Malaysia. The cluster weight between 18 to 22 kg with 8 to 12 comb bananas. Each comb consist of 10 to 16 bananas with 10 to 15cm long banana but mostly are fried with special flour flovour. White flesh and sticky. Normally eaten raw . The flesh sometimes has a black small seed inside.

Banana Fruit sare grown in small scale as backyard farming or commercially grown in large area. The banana tree can grow under very poor condition but with low productivity. It is grow well in well drained soil, clay sandy and rocky sand. It is a tropical plant suitable temperature between 24 to 27 degree Celsius and mean rainfall around 10 cm per month. The skin of banana turns from deep green to yellow color. The tree can height until 8 meters. The elliptic fleshy stalked leaves In Malaysia, it planted huge in state Pahang and Perak. Malaysia exports banana to Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Japan and other related countries. Thanks.

M Anem,
Senior Agronomist,
Banana Experimental Station,
Lekir, Perak,
(January 2017)



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