Sunday, August 21, 2016

DRONES - For Agricultural Crop Surveillance

THE USAGE of DRONES or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) for crop surveillance can drastically increase farm crop yields while minimizing the cost of walking the fields or airplane fly-over filming. The application of drones in Malaysia are at initial stage by certain oil plantation sector, paddy area and other selected crops. Using our Precision Vision we can view composite video showing the health of your crops taken by this technology. Among agencies in Malaysia using information of data collected by drones are Department of Agriculture, FELCRA, FELDA and private estate sectors. The Benefits of Drones in the Farming activities are supposed to increase yields for selected crop through improving data provided and the agronomic practices. This technology able to find potentially yield limiting problems in a timely fashion and it able to save time.
While all farmers know the value of scouting their crops few actually have time to cover the acres on foot. Those success farmers at the end return on Investment. Now the existting practice in Malaysia at an average of RM8.00 per acre for a walking visual inspection or an aerial survey to take an image of crop fields, the ROI on the purchase of an aerial helicopter drone can be met quickly. In most operations, the ROI for our drones can be achieved in a crop season or less, leaving you owning a drone that reduces your operating costs and improves your crop yield by giving you the timely information you need for quick management intervention. This article ini "Anim Agriculture Technology" I would like to share information related to the UAV technology in agriculture.

The ease of use of Drones or UAV products can be very complex to set-up and operate, but with our preset standards we allow new operators to have confidence in operating from the beginning. It involves 'Integrated GIS mapping' and draw field borders for flight pattern. It will create Crop Health Imaging. Seeing the true health of your field in a color contrast allows you to see how much sunlight is being absorbed by the crop canopy. The technology such as this are 'Failsafe' therefore it is The Drone Flies Home. As an added safety net with the flip of switch your Precision Drone will return to its original takeoff location. The ability of farmesr and operators to handle the agruculture drones needs tyraining and practices.

M Anem,
Senior Agronommist,
Kuantan, Pahang,
(22 August 2016)


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