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TAPIOCA (Manihot esculenta) are one of the most popular crops grown as staple food in third country for many years. Tapioca as a tuber crop able to provide the purest form of starch that consumes as fresh or processed food. In Malaysia, tapioca are grown as minor crops for fresh consumption and processed to other product in factory. In Malaysia from Agriculture Departments Annual Report about 2,824 hectare of tapioca grown with total production of 77,954 metric tons in 2012. Production value are RM 108,996 from an area of 2,360 hectare harvested.  Selangor are the major tapioca growing area about 1,564 hectare followed by Johor (563 hectare) especially on peat area. Most farmers ore Javanese Society that actively grow tapioca for own consumption and for sale. This article in "Anim Agriculture Technology" I post an article about tapioca based on my observation in Malaysia.

There are few tapioca varieties grown by farmers in Malaysia. Normally farmers prefers special tapioca either for fresh or processing. Ubi Sri Pontian, Ubi Kuning, Ubi Sri Medan and local variety among popular variety grown by farmers. In Agronomy Management system tapioca are grown in 1 meter x 1 meter planting distance and harvested after 10 months after planting.The yield harvested shows that Sri Pontian produced 36.5 mt/ha, Yellow variety (29.3 mt/ha), White variety (26.0 mt/ha) and Medan variety only 23.6 mt/ha. The management system is important for expectation of yield production. Starch content claimed to be highest in Sri Pontian Varieties with 26.4% and cryogenic content also highest about 221 ug/g. The tapioca chip from Sri Pontian(see photo next) received 65% acceptance in Sensory Test by professional compare to other three variety. The chip was confirmed as crispy, attractive golden yellowish color, acceptable size and tasty. Tapioca chip in in Sensory Test Program must examine the Original Flavor, Pepper Flavor, Hot Chili Flavor and Curry Flavor. This new Sri Pontian new variety tapioca are the latest crop that local farmers crazy to grows nowadays. The cutting or known as the planting material was supplied by DOA and Commercial Growers at RM 0.60 to RM 1.00 per cuttings.

M Anem
Tapioca Farms,
kg batu 14, Air Hitam,
Muar, Johor,

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