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PAPAYA (Carica papaya) are among popular tropical fruits with high demand due to the nutritional value and economic aspects. Papaya ar locally known as 'BETIK' in Malaysia are grown all year round with peak production during warm temperature. There are many cultivars grown as commercial crop from papaya producing nation in the world. In Malaysia 3 popular cultivar was grown for domestic and export market namely Exotica Papaya, Betik Sekaki and Solo. This three cultivars are planted as monocrop as there are great demand from importing countries for centuries. Recently the attack of papaya dieback affect the Malaysia Papaya production and fruit quality. Many measures are introduced and practice to curn this disease. There are many other cultivar grown throughtout the worlds. Below are 8 popular cultivars that was popular in Hawaii nad other countries that I present to all readers from relevant sources. The 8 cultivar are as follows:

1) Kamiya
This is a selection from Waimanalo group. Categorised as Solo type. The fruit size are small to medium-sized fruit. As I observed, this cultivar are Distinct, blocky shape, very short neck. The flesh are deep yellow-orange skin and flesh, firm, juicy, very sweet. Dwarf, high-yielding plant. Fairly recent release from the University of Hawaii. This cultivar are well known in Hawaii and few neibouring countries.

2. Mexican Red
By the name we should know the origin of this cultivar. This is a r rose-fleshed papaya that is lighter in flavor than Mexican Yellow. The fruit are at medium to very large. From my observation, T think thet it generally not as sweet as Hawaiian types.

3. Mexican Yellow
This is another cultivar from Mexico by their name. This cultivar are very sweet and flavorful, yellow-fleshed papaya. Medium to large fruit, can grow up to 10 pounds. Generally not as sweet as Hawaiian types.

4. Solo
The Solo papaya fruit round and shallowly furrowed in female plants, pear-shaped in bisexual plants. The fruit weight from 1.1 to 2.2 pounds. Skin smooth, flesh firm, reddish-orange, very sweet, of excellent quality. Produces no male plants, only bisexual and female in a 2 to 1 ratio. Introduced into Hawaii from Barbados in 1911. Named Solo in 1919.

5. Sunrise (Sunrise Solo)
This papaya are pear-shaped fruit with a slight neck. Averages 22 to 26 ounces depending on location. Skin smooth, flesh firm, reddish-orange, sweet, sugar content high. Quality similar to Solo. Seed cavity not as deeply indented as other Solo strains, making seed removal easier. Plant precocious, maturing fruit about 9 months after transplanting, at a height of about 3 feet. I manage to see this cultivar planted in Malaysia few years ago.

6. Sunset (Sunset Solo)
This is a Solo type. Small to medium-sized, pear-shaped fruit. Orange-red skin and flesh. Very sweet. Dwarf, high yielding plant. Originated at the University of Hawaii.

7. Vista Solo
Medium to large fruit depending on climate, 5 inches wide, up to 18 inches long. Skin yellow, flesh orange to yellow-orange. Hardy, compact Solo type producing high quality fruit. Needs fairly hot weather to develop sweetness. Self-fertile. Originated in Vista, Calif. by Ralph Corwin.

8.  Waimanalo (Waimanalo Solo, X-77)
This cultivar fruit are round with a short neck, average weight 16 to 39 ounces. Skin smooth, and glossy, cavity star-shaped. Flesh thick, firm, orange-yellow in color, flavor and quality high, keeps well. Recommended for fresh market and processing. Fruits of female plants rough in appearance. Average height to the first flower is 32 inches.
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