Sunday, May 27, 2012


I recently visits Nong Nooch Paradise Garden at Pattaya, Thailand with a group of 60 personnel. This huge garden visited by more tha 3,000 visitors especially to see the live elephant shows performed 4 time daily. The are also traditional dancing show and other show in this garden. I would like to share my own experience of watching how the big size animal performed for the visitors (Most visitors are first timers to see the show).  

About 30 elephants entered the field with the caretaker (Pawang) an a professional announcer (see at the center with English). This group of elephant dancing following the music with rock, slow rock, traditional and modern musics. 

The visitors are applausing any shows by the elephant such as playing football, riding cycle, foot massage, playing bowling, drawing , playing basket ball and many others.  For all of us, the best action is when the big elephant passing through the volunteer audience in a row. What if any mishap by the elephant...for me it will not.... 

Two profesional elephant bowlers are depending the Show Bowling Cup. This elephant by the name of Mary won the tournament when she completed to strike all three ball after 4 throwing. I cant imagine if she able to compete with us....

Throwing the sharp knife to the balloon is an interesting game. If you see the right elephant, you able to imagine the power of that particular elephant throwing the knife to the balloon.  At last the right elephant won the tournament.

M Anem
Nong Nooch Paradise Garden,
Pattaya, Thailand.
13 May 2012

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