Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Durian (Durio zibethinus) farm accredited with Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) in selected farm at Chantaburi , Thailand. I visit this farm and grown with best variety such as Chanee, Kan Yau and Munthong which has an export quality characteristic. 

The pick-up transport the selected durian fruits from various location to the 'Durian Export Center' in the region. The durian fruit inspected by two experience inspector and devide the fresh durian for export quality, domestic quality and rejected fruits. The rejected fruit consists of unripe fruits, not recommended durian variety, damage , off size (too big or too small) and other factors.  

Durian for export arranged in a plastic round basket and as you see the photo above it was uniform and standard size. The second category which is not suitable for export uploaded to the truck and sent to Bangkok (may be Thallat Thai Market) for domestic market. The rejected fruit sent for processing center or returned to the owner.

The whole durian fruit dipped in the yellow solution for 7-10 minutes. The yellow solution actually a turmeric solution with few other ingredients (remain secret) to promote the durian skin color (shiny and clean), induce the ripening process (the fruit ripe when reached the consumer abroad), kill most pathogens and many other reasons. 

To ensure the dipped durian fruit completely dry, it was arranged in pyramid shape for 4-6 hours (see photo above). The bottom layer is a plastic or wood panel so that the access turmeric solution aerated  completely. 

The treated durian fruit weighed for about 20 kg each basket to be arranged in one box. The selection of 3 - 4 fruits is important so that each box having a 20 kg. From my observation at this factory, almost 90% of the box contain 3 durian fruits. 

Tagging with yellow sticker at the durian stalk done just before the fruit arranged in the box. The tag mention that the fruit are accredited fruit from Department of  Agriculture Thailand and safe for consumption. The tip of the durian stalk cut with sharp knife and sealed with tumeric solution or wax to protect from damage. 

Each box consists of 3 durian fruit and each fruit separated with one layer of box's paper. The box later sealed with strong tape and the have 2 holes at the side of the box for proper aeration. 

All the box contain fresh durian fruit are ready for export consignment arranged by group. This box has many holes and arranged 'hollow' at the middle so that there are proper aeration before towed to the container.

The trailer with refrigerator or cold truck ready to transport the durian from this collection center. According to the operator this inspected durian will be sent directly to the Bangkok International Airport before transported by Air Cargo the the targeted destination throughout the world. 

Al last I manage to eat a lot of durian flesh from selected best varieties for unlimited amount. It taste good and sweet when the fresh fruit just arrived as ripe fruit from the tree. I manage to take 2 pieces...

This experience to share with all of you how the durian processed for export quality in Thailand. I think other Asian Country member able to export their fresh durian fruits with this technology. Thanks.

M Anem
Room 1609,
Ipoh City Hotel,
Ipoh, Perak,
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