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This entry talk about corn trial seed plot located in Baru Arang, Rawang, Selangor. The 7 acre area of private company introducing a number of corn varietal trial in the station. The corn trial plot targeted on the agronomic results after few cycle of planting. About 2 researcher continuously collect the data for each variety analysis including the growing pattern, vigorous, adaptability to pests and diseases, respond to water availability, fruit maturity and harvesting performance.

Mr Chua explain the new variety of corn trial plot to the group leader Mrs Norma. The new hybrid corn seed are ready for release if all information release by the company ready. There are about 5-7 new varieties tested in this plot.

The corn seems to be performed well in an early stage of growing period. There are other plats with poor performance with severe attack by anthracnose and others pests attack.

Almost matured corn for big size grain. This two-4 cobs per plants able to produce 'grain corn' in Malaysia if released as the researcher claimed. I estimate if this corn planted in large scale for grain in Malaysia would able to be in large scale for commercial production. Did growing this corn are more profitable than growing oil palm in Malaysia?

Mr Chua explain how the corn trial plot system operated. There are several hybrid corn seed imported by his company by the label of 'LecKat' seeds throughout the nation. He said the potential of Malaysia to produce our own seeds is there but need more effort for domestic and export market to be more viable.

The corn planted in Malaysia mostly for fresh consumption. Total area of corn growing industry 6,606 hectare in 2010 with variety such as Thai Super Sweet (long ago released), Hybrid Variety such as Sweet Corn F1 1000, Sweet Corn F1 1001, Sweet Corn F1 388, Sweet Corn F1 952 and few others. The new sweet corn variety suitable for our tropical climate should be there in the market for the future.


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