Sunday, July 10, 2011


Recently a group of 7 personnel conduct a visit to a seed company in Batu Arang , Selangor headed by Mrs Norma Othman to see the trial plot of few chili variety. This visit was an invitation of Mr Chua as the owner of this company how the 6 plant breeders conduct their works in the trial farm to analyse a few new chili varieties for Malaysian Market in future. There are more than 25 chili varieties from local and foreign observed for their performance in the farm. The 7 acres of land complete with 4 rain-shelter house and irrigation system manage to study other crops such as corn, melon, watermelon, brinjal, angle loofah, bitter gourd, sweet pumpkins, okra and few leafy vegetables.

This chili claimed as Chili Kulai with dark green leaves and the fruit produced in the middle of the trunk. The fruit size are medium and cannot been seen from outside.

This chili is 'Big Size Kulai Chili' for about 3-4 cm long and able to reach up to 4-7 cm (as claimed by the researcher). The fruit has a thick skin with dark green color and the tree look like vigorous compare to others. Since the data yet to complete for analysis we are waiting for the seeds release. From my simple observation if this chili reach optimum maturity period I believe the potential will be tremendous.

This light green chili is 4-6 cm long and also suitable for the name of 'Long Giant Chili'. The diameter about 2.5-3.5 cm and able to touch the ground at 32.5 month old. The taste yet to be study how many SHU (Hot scale for capsaicin) in Chili.

The photo above is a type of 'Cili Padi' which the fruits arrangement throughout all branching system. I indicate that there are red matured chili and green immature chili on the same tree. The yield estimated to be high based on early observation. If this variety released in future I believe the farmers will be very happy to grow in commercial scale.

This is a 'Crown Cili Padi' in which the fruits appear in the form of crown at the top of the plants. The light green chili form a 'rosette' arrangement for and it will be suitable for harvesting activity.

There are another 20 chili varieties in the farm. From my study recently shows that the potential of chill seed production in Malaysia is a profitable venture. Total chili seeds requirements for 2,180 hectare in 2010 are about 870 kilogram. From my price of seeds survey in June 2011, the retail price of chili seeds are RM 2,140 per kilogram. It means the total of chili seed industry amounted about RM 1.8 - RM 2.0 million annually. Most of the chili seeds claimed as hybrid seeds by the retailers. I hope the authority and private sector able to release new red and cili padi in future for local and export market. The effort of plant breeders must able to do better works in future in creating new variety based on above report.


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    Botanical names: Capsicum Annum
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