Tuesday, June 28, 2011

NTF For Salad

Liquid (Non aggregate) hydroponics Systems

The 'Iceberg Variety' Salad (Latuca sativa) under Asteraceae family is ready for market at MAFC Farm Cameroon Highland. The fresh produce under NTF system recently introduced in Malaysia for commercial salad production. Other popular variety grown in malaysia are Butter Head, Chinese Lettuce, Crisphead, Looseleaf, Romanine and Summer Crisp.

Wrapped salad with this plastic film after the grading process in the farm. The outer leaves was removed and than spray with clean treated water to retain freshness. It mut arrive to the wholesale market as soon as possible. The ex-farm price about RM 3.00 - RM 5.00 /head depend on the size, apperance, uniformity, color and season. Mostly eaten as raw salad, Fast Food Industry for Burger (Mc Donald, KFC and A&W) in major big city.

Foreign workers at the harvesting activity. The right timing for harvest are based on the days after sowing in the nursery. Most of the produce are for fresh production. Mosts seed are imported fron Europe and China.

The Netted Rain Shelter Structure protect the crop from rain and the attack from pests and diseases. The control enviroment allows most salad grown in Cameroon Highland suitable to grow throughtout the year either dry of wet season.

The Nutrient Thin Film Technology (NTF) is a control system which is compatible to all irrigation and fertigation system. In this system a thin film of nutrient solution flows through plastic lined channels, which contain plant roots. The walls of the channel are flexible and this permits them to be drawn together around the base of each plant, excluding light and preventing evaporation. Nutrient solution is pumped to the higher end of each chamber and flows by gravity past the plants roots to catchment's pipes and a sump. The solution is monitored for replenishment of salts and water before it is recycled. Capillary material in the channel prevent young plants from dying out and the roots soon grow into a tangled mat.
The main advantage of NFT system is that it requires much less nutrient solution. It is there fore easier to heat the solution during winter to obtain optimum temperature for root growth and to cool it during hot summers in arid and tropical regions, thereby avoiding the bolting of lettuce and other undesirable plant responses

The tray of NTF arranged parrarel about 2.5 feet above the ground for suitable in planting, crop managements and harvesting activity. Each hole able to grow single plants.

The NTF technology was suitable for fertigation under the Greenhouse System. The costs depends on the material used in this system. For further inquiry of this system , please visits the website related to this technology. There are many farmers in Cameroon Highland use this technology fo salads production. Many outside lowland farmers may be never knows about this technology.


M Anem

Cameroon Highland


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  1. Hi, We are Sri Lankan othorized franchise partner of KFC and growing own greenhouses. We have a concern here, the varieties were available in Sri Lanka are not yield sufficiently becoouse the head size is comparatively low. Still, we do not practice hydroponic system but growbags with drip irrigation is low yeilding. If you willing to support me to improve my project, I would be greatful and willing go see your farm too.