Monday, June 27, 2011

Langkawi Pitaya Farm

Fresh fruit from the farm ready for tests. The sweetness about 12-13 Brix upon tested. The red flesh priced at RM 4.00 per kilogram (Grade A), RM 3.00/kg (Grade B) and RM 2.00/kg (Grade C). The lower grade was not for sale and consumed free for visitors in this farm. The Double or Triple Grade (AA or AAA) was for the gods For his family to sembahyang).

This is the large pitaya fruit from his farm weigh about 1 kg per fruit. This fruit is for own consumption and about 5% from the total production.

A basket of ripe pitaya fruit ready for grading. One basket consists about 15 - 25 fruits depend on size and grades.

Mr Lim inspect the fruit grades after harvest. About 30% are Grade A, 45% are in Grade B and 25% in Grade C.

Almost matured fruit for harvest. The size small due to the long drought in Langkawi Island for almost 3 weeks without rain and hot. The canal that provide water for irrigation almost dry for 2 weeks.

The netting structure raised to reduce the effect of heat in hot and dry weather this months. Without this netting system about 15% of fruit face a cracking problems. It may due to lack of water content and hot sunny day.
The white flower after pollination process completed. The flushing of white flower will ensure of the fruit production.

The Langkawi Pitaya Farm are located about 20 minutes drive from Kuah Town own by Mr Lim and his family. Department of Agriculture Langkawi provide technical assistance in controlling the attack of Ervinia spp problem in this farm by introducing Good Agriculture Practices. But the farmers claim to get assistance from an expert from Pulau Pinang with priced about RM 1,500 per package to control the rot disease with microorganism.

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