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Registered Citrus Clone in Malaysia

Citrus (Citrus spp.) or Limau in Bahasa Malaysia are among popular fruit grown in Malaysia for domestic market. There are many types of citrus locally selected by farmers based on their purpose of growing, suitability of land and technology availability. Among popular types of citrus are Limau Manis (Sweet Citrus), Limau Bali (Pomelo), Limau Nipis (Lemon), Limau Kasturi (Calamansi), Limau Purut and few others. In 2009 total area for citrus planted about 3,940 hectare with total production of 17,970 metric ton. Most of the citrus found in Sarawak (294 ha) followed by Sabah and Johore. This article talks about few popular citrus clone registered with Department of Agriculture based on my study and publication by DOA.

Botanical name : Citrus limon)

1. Citrus Lemon clone L6
This clone registered by DOA staff in 1.11.1965 from Gajah Mati Agriculture Station in Alor Setar, Kedah. Other local name for this clone is "California Lemon" and the fruit skin color yellow or greenish yellow. The shape of the fruits round, coarse skin, short stalk, many seeds and very juicy.

2. Citrus Lemon Clone L7
Clone L7 locally known as "Lemon" are registered in 7.11.1957 by Mr A.H. Harding from Ulu Pedan Estate, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. The fruit skin color are light green, many seeds, sour taste and suitable for making citrus juice or pickles.

3. Citrus Lemon Clone L8
This clone registered by Mr A.R Hawitt in 29.22.1858 from Dungun Estate, Terengganu. Other name for this lemon are "Australia smooth skin". The fruit are 'bulat bujur' , large size,few seeds and very good taste.

4. Citrus Lemon Clone L9
Clone Lemon L8 also known as "Mata Kerbau" registered in 1990 by DOA personnel from Serdang agriculture Station, Selangor. The fruit has a green skin color and round shape.

Botanical name : Citrus suhuensis)

1. Clone 01
This clone registered in 17.2.1955 by Kolej Pertanian Serdang personel. Other name for this clone is "Jaafa Orange". The fruit has attractive shape and skin color, thin skin, juice and less seed. I never saw this clone during my tenure with DOA but I believe not many citrus clone 01 available nowadays.

2. Clone 033
This citrus registered in 22.9.2951 by DOA officer from Gajah Mati Agriculture station , Alor setar ,Kedah. Other local name for this clone is "Kedah orange". This fruit has a green skin, medium fruit size. less watery and medium sweetness. I used to test this fruit clone during my visit to Kedah 10 years ago.

3. Not Yet Registered
Few sweet citrus not registered are Kulai Citrus from Kulai Johor, Limau Madu (some farmers called also M33) from Segamat , Johor and Limau Langkat.

Botanical name : Citrus microcarpa)

1. Clone LK 1
This clone registered in 1990 by DOA personnel from Serdang Agriculture Station in Selangor. Local name for this clone is "Kasturi Hijau". The fruit are small size, green skin color turn to orange when ripen and sour in taste. This clone among popular clone grown by farmers and local residents in selangor.

2. Clone LK 2
This clone or locally called as "Kasturi Langkap" was registered in 1990 by unknown owner from Langkap, Teluk Intan, Perak. The fruit size consider large (3-4 cm radius), watery, suitable for juice making and skin color turn orange when fully ripe.

Botanical name : Citrus grandis

1. Pomelo : Clone PO5
Not popular clone.

2. Pomelo : Clone PO6
Not popular clone.

3. Pomelo : Clone PO16
Not popular clone

4. Pomelo : Clone PO30
Not popular clone.

5.Pomelo : Clone PO45
Not popular clone.

6. Pomelo : Clone PO47
Not popular clone.

7. Pomelo : Clone PO48
Not popular clone.

8. Pomelo : Clone PO50
Not popular clone.

9. Pomelo : Clone PO 51
Not popular clone

10. Pomelo : Clone PO 52
This is among top popular pomelo clone in Malaysia known as "Tambun". the clone registered in 30.6.54 by unknown farmers from Tambun, Ipoh Perak. I has many experience in testing this clone due its availability throughout the year. The fruit has reddish pink color, sweet, less seed, juicy and green yellowish skin color.

11. Pomelo : Clone PO 53
This clone registered by unknown owner.

12. Pomelo : Clone PO 54
Not yet popular. New clone introduced.

13. Pomelo : Clone PO 55
This clone registered by farmers from Jementah Segamat Johor (My well known farmers) in 12.11.1990. Mr Tan Chin Koi has few hectare of pomelo farm in jementah during my visit in 2000. His clone other name is "Limau Besar Ledang" and white flesh, roundish shape, sweet sour taste, no bitter taste, fine texture and strong aroma.

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